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Pardoe Water Housings, 2 Ninnesbridge, Lelant Downs, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 6NL, UK. web site- laconic inc

Frequently asked questions.

Why do you need my camera?

Unless we already have a housing for your model in production (Canon XM2 for instance) and you dont require any special controls requirements we need it so we can build a plug (male part of the final mould) and configure the controls.

Our housings are built to very tight tolerances and the finished housing is tested on your camera for a snug fit and smooth operation of the controls.

How do I know my camera will be safe?

We treat all cameras we receive with maximum care. They will never, ever, leave our workshop and they will never come into contact with water.

How long will you will have my camera?

Please contact us as these times can vary. We aim to keep your camera for the shortest time possible. 2-3 weeks would be an average.

Are the housings reliable?

Yes, you can trust our housings to keep your camera safe and dry. The first Canon XM2 housing we made has been around the world three times and went over the falls at big Teeahupo. It Recently came back for a service and we fit new 'o' rings as a matter of course.